Sometimes words are not enough to express disappointment. Sometimes you just shake your head and order another strong drink. So this week Tanzania President John Magufuli proclaimed "After getting pregnant, you are done!” to teenage girls in Tanzania. He said girls will not be allowed back to school after giving birth during his administration. Get the fool, sorry FULL scoop here.

The teen mums "can join VETA (Vocational Education Training Authority centres) and learn sewing and farming," he said. While the men responsible (I wonder whose duty it will be to prove responsibility) for the pregnancies would be jailed for up to 30 years! Do take note that a report by Human Rights Watch says about 8,000 girls who drop out of school every year due to pregnancy. 8,000 girls! Every flipping year! So say they get all the 8,000 men (assuming one man/boy impregnates one girl) there will be 8,000 new jail birds every year serving 30 year sentences! Wow! Anyway, Tanzania will also have 8,000 seamstresses and farmers every year...

So I raise my glass, because toasting to idiocy is easier than being pissed off by it! Cheers!

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