Why I drink, Advertising Regulations

Have you suddenly noticed how many 'massage parlours' are open for 'best' massages in our neighborhoods? They even offer 24-hour service! 

Now we all know that there is really no massage going on in those establishments, well maybe at the beginning, but massage is not what they are selling. I am willing to bet on this. The services they offer though are not my beef really. My beef is in the advertising

There are regulations about what can be advertised. For example, you cannot advertise baby formula. Why? Because breast feeding is best for baby. So, the powers that be do not want you to quickly explore the formula option. They would rather you tried breast feeding. If it fails then there is the formula. It is available, just not advertised. I think to discourage you from giving up too quickly on breast feeding. 

The same should apply to the 'massage' services. They should not be allowed to advertise. People should be allowed or encouraged to use the 'massage' services at home. Because these services are believed to be best and safe. In the event that if fails, maybe then one can explore the 'massage' services. They can be there, they just should not be allowed advertise. 

Anyway, Cheers to living in sin, and getting it in!

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