African men have long been accused of not being 'romantic'. Saying 'I love you' for the typical son of the soil is not easy. He does, however show his love in unique ways.

1. He wants you well fed. Greetings are typically followed with, 'Have you eaten?'

2.He does not want to see you cry. He will try to make you feel better even when he does not know why you are crying.(Use this 'superpower' sparingly! It gets old very fast)

3. He tries to hide his 'trespasses' from you at all costs. So if he has a password on his phone, my sister, that man loves you! (This is not an argument.)

4.He takes you to meet his mum.(Take this cautiously though, mothers in law have become their sons 'wing men'. The old bat may even warm water for your bath when she knows her son is getting married next Saturday!)

5. He takes you shopping and does not mind that you conveniently forgot your purse and that you are dragging him from one shop to the next!

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